Volume 2 Issue I • December 10th, 2018


A Bowl of Fried Rice, A Bold Smile, A Brave Hero

Written by Zenaida Perez


We are often swayed by catchy slogans, campaign memes, and everything the candidates offer us, but when do we actually consider why they are running and what they offer to our Preston community? Recently, I interviewed the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class presidents so that we may remember them not by their clever catch phrases, but rather by the platforms on which they ran.


Aissatou Bah, also known as “Ice,” is the Sophomore Class President and her nickname reflects her attitude during last year’s campaign and her current presidency. Running for president is nerve-racking as is, let alone for a freshman. At the time of elections, freshmen are not yet acquainted with their classmates, the madness of Preston, or the traditions that pervade our school, rendering Ice’s decision a bold one. The moment the opportunity to be president was presented to Ice, she endeavored to run. Without hesitation, she launched her campaign and encouraged her peers to vote for her with a promise:  “You’ll get fried rice if you vote for Ice.” With the help of her catchy slogan,  Ice won. During her presidency, Ice faced many different struggles. For example, class presidents must assign lockers and this task posed a problem for Ice. She recalls the difficulty of organizing the lockers, especially since friend groups are so tentative the first year of high school. She overcame this obstacle by listening to the suggestions of her peers and, fortunately, she has been told that everyone is happy with the arrangement. Ice promises that this year she will work toward the best interests of her class. With her cool demeanor and readiness to tackle any problem, the sophomore class is lucky to have Aissatou as their president.


Junior year is dreaded (rightfully so, might I add) because of Chemistry, Algebra II, the SAT, and AP exams, but this did not daunt Rohm Williams Pedro. Despite the anticipated hardship of junior year, Rohm decided to run for president because she felt she would be the best catalyst for change. Rohm was confident since she has “heart… style… and an amazing smile.” While running, Rohm strove to reach out to her classmates as they are an integral part of the “vision” she has for this school year. Rohm ascribes her success to her amiability and close relationships with her classmates. As of right now, Rohm’s sole goal is to be present for her peers as their president, as well as their friend.



Renee Geanina Gail Villarama Giron has been the president for the Class of 2019 for the past two years; luckily for Renee, her classmates did not have to write out her name on the ballots. Renee decided to run two years ago, as she saw this as an opportunity to grow closer to her classmates and challenge herself. Renee was a shy individual and this experience allowed her to expand her horizons. She promised to save the day. Reflecting on her two years in office, Renee is grateful for the class of 2019 as they were an amazing class to lead, despite the many challenges she faced. Renee has learned that it is impossible to meet everyone’s wants. She  acknowledges the fact that there will always be someone who disagrees with her, but all she can do is try to make the best decisions for the class as a whole . Renee cannot be “Superman” as promised, but she is able to work tirelessly to help the class she leads. Renee has been an example of leadership for us all and it is safe to say she is a better leader than any superhero.


 Now, when you see these ladies at Student Council meetings or at the podium making a speech, pay attention to the words they say and you might learn a valuable lesson about leadership, compassion, and perseverance.







The Purge of the Seniors

By: Kristen Tague


 On Wednesday, October 31st, all grade levels dressed in costumes and other spooky-themed clothing and gathered in the gym for Preston’s annual Halloween assembly.  Anticipation hung in the air as everyone was excited to see the dance team perform, as well as the step team.  However, I think I speak for everyone when I say they were mostly looking forward to seeing what the seniors had planned for their skit.  No one was disappointed.


The performance started off innocent enough with two announcers whose personalities couldn’t have been more different. The delightful contrast caused a smile and for some a laugh.  Despite the amusement these interesting characters called forth from the crowd, the seniors still managed to make the hair on many necks, including mine, stand at attention.  Everyone in the gym, teachers and students alike, were familiar with the Purge.  If they weren’t, that wouldn’t be the case for long.


After a few opening scenes and some parodies of well known commercials, which the audience took great pleasure in reciting aloud with those on stage, an alarm echoed through the gym.  The students and teachers fell silent as they began to look around frantically.  Some thought the female voice coming on, announcing the beginning of the annual purge, was real.  Moments later the seniors came running in, having donned white t-shirts stained with blood and masks that would cause nightmares.  They thrust themselves in a threatening manner at the audience and pounded their fists on walls before jumping onto the stage.  They overpowered the performers already there and taking the microphone, delivered a chilling message, “We’re coming for you.”  Then, the lights dimmed and the entire grade launched off the stage and once again into the crowd.  When it was all over, the entire student body was left in an uproar that made it hard for the teachers to regain our attention.


Overall, I would say this year’s senior skit was a success.  As a junior, I hope that my class’s senior skit is as creative and creepy as this one.  This demonstration had no shortage of Halloween spirit and challenged the generations to come.  Challenge accepted.








Women’s Empowerment Club

By: Victoria Ramnarine


 The Women’s Empowerment Club at Preston High School is a place where girls can come together to strengthen and support all women. Meetings are held every other Wednesday and members participate in various activities and events that contribute to the betterment of women. For the upcoming winter season, members are planning on donating clothes, toiletries, and various other items to a women’s shelter. This act, which may seem simple to others, is important when one considers what an impact each of us can have on the lives of women who are in need of basic necessities. Our club find feels that helping other women spreads a message that should resonate throughout Present to empower girls. In addition to planning fundraisers, members wear pink sweatshirts with a drawing of a woman representing many different races on it with absolute pride. They do so, in school, in order to spread the message to girls as they walk through the halls.


 Having this club is important, because it advocates for the uplifting of women, as opposed to tearing each other down. The Women’s Empowerment Club hopes to teach the Preston community about the importance of  building each other up. The club is a symbol of a sisterhood and how we are there to empower all women. As a member myself, I definitely encourage all Preston students to be a part of Women’s Empowerment, and more importantly to heed our message.









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