Volume 2 Issue I • December 10th, 2018



Intramural Sports: A New Addition to Preston Sports?

By: Leandra Archibald


With the holidays coming up and some athletic seasons coming to a close, many of us will make resolutions to exercise in the new year, with the intention of gaining more stamina, or simply getting better at things we could not do in the past. With this in mind, intramural sports at Preston are on the rise, and many students have shown interest in intramurals expanding here at Preston. However, some may not know what intramural sports are.


Intramural sports are defined as “recreational sports organized within a particular institution, usually an educational institution...” with the purpose of promoting bonding and teamwork among students in a competitive setting. Intramurals are different from the average athletic team, as everyone is given the opportunity to play. At Preston, this could mean working with classmates we have never talked to before to achieve a common goal and simply have a fun time playing a game we can all enjoy. The benefits are evident: a chance to expand your friend group, try something new, and adapt to new social settings.


If you’re a Panther looking for a new way to be part of the community, intramurals are a good way to do that, while getting some good exercise in the process. Preston is already a great community, but this opens up many more opportunities to be active and united. Intramurals will allow us to grow socially and improve our interactions with the people around us. Consider the fact that every year girls are able to start a new club/ activity within Preston if they gain enough interest. Intramurals could be a new addition to the Preston community in 2019. Consider it. Find enough girls who are interested. Take the initiative to make this happen.















Senior Game Twisted into Heartbreak

By Katie Anne Gannon


            The seniors of Preston High School’s volleyball team eagerly spread the news about their last home game weeks before the anticipated event. Not only was it their last home game of their Preston volleyball career, but it was also the school’s annual breast cancer awareness match. In addition, this game would possibly solidify our team’s spot in playoffs against our rival, Cardinal Spellman High School. The day had finally arrived, and the hard work of our seniors would finally be commemorated and acknowledged by their friends, families, and peers.


 This excitement soon turned to heartbreak.


            The story: a total of three water bottles were thrown onto the court during our game. Due to the danger this presented to the athletes in play, all non-family members were forced to leave the building. This included Preston students and people who may not have been involved in the disruption. By the end of the game, the empty bleachers were silent. Instead of their last home game being remembered with the cheers and smiling faces of their fans, the girls looked around and would simply remember an empty gym. The seniors were presented with a chance to give their speech to the few remaining parents, but they did not accept. This was a tradition performed by the younger girls on the team to show their appreciation for the senior members and think back to all the good times they had, but,  without their friends there, it was not the same.


            Aja Darboe, senior captain of the varsity volleyball team, recalls, “The senior game is a time honored tradition that I’d been awaiting the past four years. I think other non-athletes don’t understand that it’s a day that honors the seniors’ time playing and symbolizes how far we’ve come. I was looking forward to the sentimental part of the day and I wanted it all to be done in the environment that was supposed to be there.”



Bryana Thompson, senior team captain also expresses her disappointment in working so hard for so long for this game. “It’s something I’ve been working towards for four years,” she says. “It was as if all our hard work went to waste.”  Thompson adds regarding her team, “I’m proud of my team for pushing through the negativity… this has shown me that my team can overcome.”


Now weeks later, the bitterness still runs deep. Darboe comments, “Having the support and crowd there makes the game fun and exciting…once that was stripped away it took away what the senior game has always been. I felt like I was robbed of something very important and it hurt that this happened to me and my fellow seniors.” Bryana says this game will always be remembered by her and her teammates, but not for the right reasons that it should have been remembered, but “because of all the negativity surrounding it, which is very disappointing.”


            The long awaited game turned into heartbreak for not only the seniors, but also for the younger classwomen awaiting to give their speeches, their families, and friends who wanted to be there for these girls. All because of a few highly disruptive individuals. This is something the seniors will never get to experience again. No article could even begin to describe the feeling of disappointment and sadness in the gym that night. This is something they will not get back and will always recall as something that should have been celebratory rather than sorrowful. This game meant much more than winning for the seniors; finally being commended for their countless hours of workouts and practices and games for four years was taken away by people who did not even care about the players. Fans, parents, and family could not experience this game with my team, our team. We will never get this back.




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