Volume 2 Issue I • December 10th, 2018



Dear Pinkie,

What if you like someone, but they’re being really complicated and just want to stay friends?

Well, for starters, just wanting to stay friends doesn’t necessarily make someone ‘complicated’. It’s really depends on whether or not the person wants to be in a relationship. If you really like someone as a person and don’t want to lose him/her, then staying friends would be the best option. And if you don’t think that you can stay friends with that person, then it would be best to distance yourself. Most of the time, distance gives you perspective. This generally applies if they’ve been clear about their feelings and know where they stand, however, if they’re giving you mixed signals and confusing you as to what you think they want, then it’s best to talk to them about it. Communication is key. And honestly, if they continue to confuse you, then it may be best to just leave all that negative energy behind you. There are many more important things in life to focus on than this stress.






Pinkie, why is the lunch so expensive and the options they give are limited?

You are not alone with this question. Others have also expressed dissatisfaction with the lunch prices and options; however, it is not something that can change drastically, if at all. In speaking with Mrs. Chambers and bringing this concern to her, I learned that our lunch experience is run by the company NR Cafeteria Services, where their goal is to provide a restaurant-style experience. Just as at any restaurant, there is a menu with a set list of options that rarely change. Along with every food option, there is a set price and if you want their food, you must pay for it. If you were in a restaurant, would you barter the price of your food based on the amount served to you? I mean, I’d hope not. But in reality, we need to ask ourselves if we would rather spend $2.50 on a predetermined Board of Education lunch or $2-$6 on a variety of food?


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