Volume 2 Issue I • December 10th, 2018


Preston Echoes Book Review: We Regret to Inform You

 By: Ashley Davis


For high school seniors, there are no five words that can cause more disappointment and despair than “We regret to inform you...”. In this novel by Ariel Kaplan, Mischa Abramavicius an over-achieving, high-scoring, award-winning scholar with her eyes set on the Ivy League. With grades, test scores, and extracurricular leadership positions like hers it’s almost guaranteed that she’ll be admitted into any of the top colleges in the country, right? Wrong. Tragedy strikes when she not only gets rejected by the Ivy League but by all other schools she applied to including her dreaded safety school. All her mother’s financial struggles to put her through private school were for naught and Mischa’s future looms in front of her as she now has no plans on what to do. As she investigates where it all went wrong with the help of a secret club (The Ophelias, a trio of hackers), she finds out dark secrets lie beneath the college admissions process in Blanchard High School. Through this she begins to wonder what life could’ve been had she not always been so focused on academic success and given herself some time to just be a regular teenager. This book reminds you that some things are more important than high school and is definitely worth a read.











25 before the 25th!

By Melanie Espinal


As the weather is getting colder, people cannot help but start thinking about the holiday season looming overhead. Granted, Christmas is a few weeks away, it is never too early to get into the holiday spirit! In my opinion, the best way to build a foundation for a merry Christmas is by watching the holiday movies that make you want to scream, “Fa la la la la!” No matter what genre: drama, comedy, romance or  horror, there will be a Christmas movie that gets you in the mood for this season! As you are preparing for a time when it is socially acceptable to sit in your pajamas and drink hot cocoa all day, be sure to check these twenty-five movies off your viewing list before December 25th!


Prior to making any drastic decisions, it is only right to begin this spectacle with the most classic Christmas movies that make you feel nostalgic and take you back to those Christmas nights when you were tracking Santa’s delivery trip. Trust me, you will not regret watching at least one of these five movies.


The Home Alone Trilogy (although three movies, it qualifies)

Dr. Seuss's “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”


The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Polar Express


Trusting that you watched these traditional Christmas movies, the next step in this holiday adventure is to watch the Christmas movies that you would find on channels like “Freeform” or “Hallmark.” These are the movies that we find to be relatable to our teen mindset, however, they maintain that natural Christmas charm, a feeling of warmth and comfort.


Love Actually

Teen Spirit

A Christmas Prince

Just Friends

Christmas Cupid


I cannot speak for everyone else, but when I think of Christmas, I think of family. The holiday season is about spending time with those you love. Taking this into account, when you are sitting on your couch with your loved ones and are planning to watch a movie, I suggest taking a look into one of these five family-focused Christmas movies.


The Santa Clause

Jingle All the Way

Charlie Brown Christmas

A Christmas Story

Miracle on 34th Street


Now, if for some reason, you are not in the Christmas spirit from watching these movies, I suggest watching these “unconventional” Christmas movies. Get in the mood to sing your favorite holiday tunes by watching the holiday movies that make you laugh, scream or perhaps recoil! If that is more your holiday style be sure to check these movies off your list!


A Madea Christmas

Bad Santa

Black Christmas

Trading Places



As you are concluding your Christmas movie watching marathon, be sure to watch these movies just before Christmas day. These are my personal favorite Christmas movies! It will be the best way to round out the Christmas season!


The Holiday

A Christmas Carol

Four Christmases

Eloise at Christmastime



Christmastime is coming soon! I hope this holiday movie marathon gets you as excited as you are on Christmas morning when opening your gifts! Enjoy the holiday season and the binge!






The Dying Art of Poetry: Can Millennials Revive it?

By Valentina Menta


Poetry has taken many forms from its origins in the Ancient World to today, playing different roles in different cultures and communities. But how did it all begin? Before modern technological discoveries and the distractions of modern life, poetry was used to retain information passed down through the years by oral recitations. Some poems told stories, like the English poem Beowulf, and some were used for entertainment. Poetry became known as The Verbal Art. In most cultures, poetry appears in some of the earliest records.


Today, there is one big factor that changes the need for poetry in our everyday lives: modern technology. Though there have been community-based movements for poetry throughout the centuries like the Ancient Greek Poetry Schools, Provencals Literature in France and Sicilian Court Poets, the appreciation and need for poetry are not the same as before. Technology allows you to do one thing that many ancient people couldn’t, and that is record information. Poetry is now used mainly for storytelling and plays little part in our everyday lives. But not all hope for the great art is gone.


Why do we need poetry? What good does it do us? Think about your favorite book. What is it about that book that makes you so happy, and that makes you want to read it over and over again? What about that book captivates you? It is that feeling that the modern world lacks, and one that poetry can provide for us. Something that can only be described as passion. Beneath the riddles and rhymes of poems lies something much deeper that no computer can measure, and no person can completely understand.


Some millennials may not fully appreciate the dying art of poetry, but we can be the reason why it lives on. Being brought up in a world where everything is on a screen can be scary, and being in one completely without that is just as intimidating. There is a gray area between where poetry lies, and where a future can grow. Next time you look at a poem, whether it be in class or outside, don’t skim over it. Poetry laid the foundation for the great literature and intellectual ideas that we carry with us today, and will continue to leave behind great legacies. Support those who are striving to write poetry, and those who already can. Support poetry’s future, and let it live on for the future to see.



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